Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ice cream pies, latest business shuffle

First, the important news (to me, anyway): Just in time for the holidays, Molly Moon's is serving up ice cream pies to go. Right now, they have pumpkin clove ice cream in a graham cracker crust, but in a couple of weeks, there'll be some peppermint ice cream pies as well. Having already tried the pumpkin clove ice cream pie, I can say that it's quite delicious, although would probably benefit from a dollop of whipped cream.
In other news, neighborhood institution and Seattle's oldest hardware store Tweedy & Popp will soon be vacating their longtime home on 45th Street, but fear not—they're just moving to Wallingford Center. While I'm certainly glad that Wallingford Center will have a new tenant with such built-in goodwill from the neighborhood, I'm wondering how Tweedy & Popp's ambience of dusty shelves will fit in with the sunnier aesthetic of Wallingford Center.

Finally, anyone know what's going on with High Maintenance Bitch? Their door recently sported a rent-due notice from the building's landlord, and the store seemed oddly unoccupied during business hours. Send any tips our way.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Google Maps Street View now live for Seattle

Did you happen to catch the Google Maps camera vehicles snapping photos of the neighborhood a while back? All that photo-taking has finally borne fruit as Google Maps has activated Street View for our fair city. Now you can look for your friends, family, cars, pets, etc., immortalized for posterity in wraparound snapshots.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free scoops of Baracky Road at Molly Moon's today!

Molly Moon's is offering free scoops of Baracky Road today to celebrate the election results. Yes we can (eat ice cream)!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Autumn foliage

With election season upon us, it can be hard to remember that you need to stop obsessively checking and look outside once in a while.* If you do, you'll notice that we are having one of the loveliest autumns in recent memory. Something about the weather over the past weeks and months has created an unusual profusion of autumnal coloration. Despite the rains of the last few days, there is still a lot of beautiful foliage in the neighborhood.

Thackeray Place NE

NE 41st Street

I'm especially amazed by these multi-colored trees with red, yellow, and green leaves, sometimes all on the same branch.

* By 'you', I mean 'me'.

Recognition for Sutra and Joule

The cover story of the November 2008 issue of Seattle Metropolitan magazine is "Restaurants: 20 that changed the way we eat, and 10 that are changing it again". Sutra and Joule, both Wallingford locals, are profiled. The article doesn't appear to be available on line, so if you want to read it, you'll have to buy a copy, or pick a long line at the supermarket to stand in.

Wallingford Power Outage

As you may have noticed, the lights went out around Wallingford at 9 am this morning. The Times is reporting that the outage is from 39th to 53rd and I-5 to 3rd Ave NW. There is no news about the cause of the outage or when we should expect the power to come back on.

ETA: The power is back on. According to the Times a goose was to blame. The goose, sadly, did not survive the incident.