Sunday, June 8, 2008

Joule UrbanBBQ week #2: Let's talk about goat

joule bbq menu jun 8 2008, originally uploaded by weskimcom.

Week two of Joule's UrbanBBQ series was a focus on goat meat. With pre-fed kids in tow, I started with the goat noodle soup, a hot, rich broth brimming with hand-cut noodles, chunks of goat meat, and peas. A hot soup was actually welcome today, as the Seattle weather deities clearly believe that it's still mid-February. In fact, I ate the soup so quickly that I burnt my tongue a bit. Luckily, the sweet rhubarb-mint cocktail helped to ease the pain.*

Then came the goat platter, a trio of goaty preparations: a small pile of shredded goat meat sauced with a dark, spicy BBQ sauce; a couple of crispy-skin goat ribs (kind of like eating a piece of BBQ duck - so much fattier than one would have expected); and a slice of goat meat stuffed with some herby root vegetables. The server even brought us a complimentary ham-and-cheese sandwich for the kids, which was a kind gesture, although I'm afraid the kids weren't interested. No matter - a yummy box lunch for me to bring to work tomorrow.

So the verdict on UrbanBBQ week #2: thumbs up, once again. I even plugged the series to the barista at Fuel Coffee after the meal.

Next week: hot Korean grill. Oh, yes...

* As did the scoop of cardamom ice cream from Molly Moon's I got for dessert.

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