Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Were you aware of the Wallingford Word of the Week?

Many residents of our neighborhood have probably never realized that there is an Upper Wallingford Word of the Week. It's posted on a quiet residential block, NE 47th St between Latona and Thackeray.

For the meaning of this week's word "yomp", see the Wikipedia page.

The Upper Wallingford Word of the Week should not be confused with the more prominent Wallingford Word of the Week, at the corner of Thackeray and 44th.

I really like it when residents provide entertainment and enlightenment for their neighbors. Even though the interaction is indirect and anonymous, it still makes me feel like I'm part of a community.


Peaboy said...

There used to a be a word of the week back around 1995 in the vacinity of 42nd and 1st ave NE. I used to ride by it all the time when I lived on the house on top of what is now the window contractor on 45th and 1st.

I 'guess' that was the Original Wallingford word of the work and everyone else is just carrying on the tradition.

Kerrizor said...

The folks that did the original WOTW moved, and the sign was claimed by the current caretakers of the tradition south of 45th.

I'm kind of "eh" about the upper Wallingford sign; its kind of "me too"-ish, in terms of creativity, but they get several dozen points for effort.

squidoo said...

I heard that the upper site used to have some buttons involved (maybe video?), but this is third or fourth hand. Personally, I'm just glad there's an a WOTW for those who don't pass by the lower one.

Lance Sleuthe said...

The buttons you heard about may be related to a geocache site somewhere in the general vicinity of the UWWOTW. The cache used to be accessed mechanically, before it broke. (For information on geocaching, see http://www.geocaching.com/.) I never saw it operate myself, but I heard it was pretty cool.