Sunday, July 13, 2008

Antonio Chicketti

A new door has gone up at 1911 N 45th, the location of the upcoming Not a Number expansion. Or, to be more precise, an old door.

According to the note attached to the door, the hand-lettered sign was for a 1940s-era shoe repair business that operated in this space. (The note is taped over the street number "1911", in the same hand-lettered font.)

Interestingly, one "Antonio, Chicketti" is the listed inventor of US patent number 2562771, filed in 1951, for a "sewing machine presser-foot automatic control attachment". Could it be the same person?

Does anybody know anything more about this man or his business?

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Jannee said...

You could check with History House. They are in the know of a lot of Wallingford's past.