Thursday, October 16, 2008

Breakfast at Molly Moon's this Sunday!

When Molly Moon's first came to Wallingford, those of us who mourned the old Wally's Scoop Shop (in the space now occupied by Joule) wondered whether the new ice creamery would be able to make it through a Seattle winter once the cooler weather dampened the local appetite for ice cream.

Thus, we note that Molly Moon's is attempting to diversify their menu with an experimental breakfast offering this Sunday morning. Ice cream with oatmeal? I've certainly had ice cream with stranger things, so oatmeal doesn't actually seem like that much of a stretch. See for yourself this Sunday.
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From: molly moon
Date: Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 2:34 PM
Subject: Breakfast at Molly Moon's this Sunday!

hello ice cream eaters!

this weekend we are having a delicious treat at
Molly Moon's -- breakfast!

we'll be serving up yummy bowls of locally grown oatmeal
with a scoop of ice cream on top and a fabulous organic
toppings bar full of fruits, nuts & spices.
we'll also be brewing vivace coffee for your caffeine fix.

WHEN: This Sunday, Oct. 19 -- 9 am to noon

this is a trial run.  if we have fun and people seem to like it,
we'll start opening with breakfast every saturday and sunday,
so bring the kids, the friends, the out-of-town guests,
and have breakfast at Molly Moon's!

see you there!


molly moon neitzel
Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream
1622 1/2 N 45th St. | Wallingford | Seattle


eM said...

maybe the oatmeal will improve the ice cream

Kristen said...

I have to respectfully disagree with em - I think Molly Moon's ice cream could only improve anything to which it's added! The maple walnut would be an especially delicious topping for oatmeal...