Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowmen of Wallingford

There were a number of snowmen out (though not about) in Wallingford today. This merry trio, and their snowdogs, were on the corner of 38th and Burke. Note the classic top hat on the one in the middle:

A close-up of one of the dogs:

This straw-hatted snowman was on Meridian and 39th:

This cheery snowperson was a few blocks further north on Meridian:

And this one was on 2nd Ave NE, north of 40th:

More ambulatory residents of Wallingford skied, sledded and snowboarded around, frequently putting up makeshift markers indicating blocks closed to cars.

How often does one see a palm tree covered in snow?

A view of "downtown" Wallingford around 8 pm:

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Lance Sleuthe said...

Saw an impromptu block party at Burke and 43rd this evening. Someone had a bonfire going in a firepit by the traffic circle, and neighbors were drinking what appeared to be hot toddies while their kids sledded down 43rd under the light of the streetlamps.