Sunday, June 1, 2008

The first Sunday evening of June

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Even though the weather wasn't very summer-y, we went ahead and took part in "Operation Clambake," the kickoff event of Joule's summer BBQ series.

We tried oysters on the half shell (6 for $4!), razor clam chowder (brothy and chock full of bacon), and the clam boil (huge mussels, clams, sausage, potatoes, and corn). The kids ate hot dogs, and we ate the potato salad they had no interest in. A picnic-style condiment/beverage table in the back helped with the BBQ feel. For dessert, maple-flavored cotton candy and key lime pie, both quite yummy. We missed the live music, but maybe we'll catch it one of the other Sundays this summer. The only downside of the meal was getting dinged for the plate of bread and butter we requested. Sure, it was good bread and butter, but it did feel like a little much compared to the rest of the meal. Ah well - live and learn. Next week's theme: "Let's talk about goat!"

After that, we stopped for coffee at Fuel. (Hint: 50 cents off your drink if you say "high five" to your barista. Offer good through June 30.)

Finally, "second desserts" at Molly Moon's. The Vivace coffee ice cream is full of ground coffee goodness.

Any other Wallingford stories from the first half-weekend of June?

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