Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tomorrow: Wallingford Farmers Market and Art Walk

Tomorrow afternoon is the weekly Wallingford Farmers Market and monthly Wallingford Art Walk.

Special market note: While you're shopping for your organic veggies, artisinal cheeses, and free-range meats, keep an eye out for the baked goods being sold by Chinese adoptee families to raise relief funds for victims of the Chinese quake (as mentioned in this article):

No effort is too small, and many have a distinctly child-like tinge to them.

Lucy Yi Mayer, 3, and Amelia Nomura, 5, members of a Chinese play group in Seattle, helped make a sign for their bake sale Wallingford Farmers Market: "Help Support Earthquake Relief in China." They colored it with a big rainbow.

Support local growers and international disaster victims--and don't forget to bring a shopping bag.

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