Sunday, February 8, 2009

Past views of Wallingford

Today's Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine's Now and Then column shows two pictures of the corner of Wallingford Ave N and N 45th St, one from 1950 and one present-day. It's pretty interesting to see what's changed on that corner in the past six decades, and what's the same, and to read the story of how the iconic "WALLINGFORD" sign atop QFC came to be.

(Photo from Seattle Times)

Friday's Wallyhood Blog has a sobering post about crime in Wallingford, but concludes with an amusing clip from Almost Live. Their take on the neighborhood (circa 1991) might be unrecognizable to many current Wallingford residents.


Fnarf said...

Fascinating to see that "Foodland" sign. I didn't know that "FOOD GIANT" wasn't original. I wonder if there was a neighborhood outcry then?

Also note the wispy little stop sign, and imagine what a nightmare that intersection must have been before the stoplight!

Lance Sleuthe said...

Doesn't it also look like every five minutes an errant ball would have rolled from the school playground right into the middle of 45th street?